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Found the perfect home? Time to schedule that home inspection, then carefully read the report looking for red flags. Your home inspection report can give you enormous insight into the long-term costs of maintaining the home you plan to buy. No-one wants a money-pit situation on their hands. Here are the red flags you need to be watching for.

An old roof

If the roof is old or has endured storms, it could be time for a new one. A new roof can cost a mint,l so make sure the roof is well examined by your inspector. The report should include photos, and you may need to get a roofing company to estimate what it would cost for a new one if it needs replacing. 

Foundation problems 

Make sure the inspector checks for misaligned  window frames, door frames, decks or porches. Cracks in the walls and around frames can indicate a sagging or uneven foundations, and swaying or sunken flooring is a huge red flag.  

Drainage issues

Odd patches of dead grass, large, flat areas devoid of grass, or a yard that slopes towards the house instead of away from it are all signs of potential drainage issues.

Bad wiring

Are appliances directly word into walls? Do breaker boxes have old fuses? Look for scorch marks around plugs, and flick all the switches and listen for buzzing or humming sounds. Your home inspector can’t tear out walls, but he can check outlets and breakers. 

Old pipes

Water should be on for a home inspection. That way your inspector can check for low water pressure, slow drainage, and other signs of outdated plumbing., A water test can give insight into the condition of the pipes as well.  


Mold can be an annoyance, or a huge toxic mess that is cost-prohibitive to clean up and can even get a home condemned. If you have worries about mold, it might be worth paying a special inspector to check again.


Again, paying for a specialized pest inspector can be a good idea if you see signs of damage, like sawdust around wooden molding or castings from insects or rodents.

Once you have your home inspection report in hand, you can revisit the purchase price with some leverage on your side, assuming red flags have presented themselves. Too many red flags, and you may decide this isn’t your dream home after all. 

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