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Your neighborhood can significantly impact your enjoyment of your new home. Knowing what to look for and who to talk to can help you make a wise choice.

Talk to Your Agent

There are some things you’re real estate agent can’t tell you, legally. Like demographics in the neighborhood. But there’s a lot you can learn after a couple of chats, and factual information can help you find out of the neighborhood you’re looking at will fit your lifestyle.  

Dig Into the Crime Stats

Crime can be a deterrent to buying a home, but the kind of crime may affect your decision. Has there been a spate of burglaries in the area? What about vandalism? Find out how close the nearest police station is, and inquire about neighborhood watch associations. It could be a good idea to vet both of these before you move in.  

Check Out the Schools

If you’re a parent or a wanna be parent, you’re probably concerned about the school situation. Talk to people form the area, check out online forums, and investigate ratings for schools. It’s not enough for a school to turn out high scores if they have a serious bullying problem or funding issues.  

Explore the Amenities

Love your high energy pooches? Find out if there is a dog park nearby. Want to live vehicle free? Check out local transportation options.Looking ahead to your golden years? Find out what the medical facilities are like. You might want easy access to fine dining r shopping, or prefer clubs with a good music scene. Alternately, your idea of the perfect neighborhood could be a walkable suburb where most people go to bed before 10 PM.  

Is There an HOA?

A Home Owners Associations can go one of two ways: it can be what keeps a neighborhood in almost perfect condition and everyone being amiable, or it can cause conflict and infighting. Talk to homeowners in the area and found out if they love or hate the HOA, and why.  

Once you know a little bit about the neighborhood, you can decide if fits your needs and wants. Don’t forget to visit several times to get a feel of the vibe at different times of day or days of the week!

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