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Buying a home is a complex process, and that starts with finding the right home. If you’re ready to go house hunting, why not use a real estate agent? Here’s why it’s a good idea.

Have someone on your side

A real estate agent is mandated by law to look out for your best interests. That means they will be laser focused on helping you find the best home for your money possible. This can prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Benefit from a great negotiator

Your real estate agent knows what homes are worth, and can quickly spot when a home’s value has likely been padded. They can negotiate with knowledge on their side and help get a seller to bring a price down to a more reasonable level. 

Local market savvy is priceless

You may think you’ve found the perfect hoe, but what you don’t know is it is in a sound funnel for a small airstrip or the local high school football stadium. Maybe there is a bar only blocks away, or it’s well known that the area floods regularly. A real estate agent can clue you in on what your dream home might not be ideal.

Agents have contacts

An agent can give you a heads up about a property that hasn’t even “officially” hit the market yet, and then hook you up with a home inspector, insurance agents, and movers so your new home can be yours even faster than you thought possible. Don’t underestimate an agent’s network!

Paperwork can be confusing

Your agent wants you to be clued in, so they can help you with steps in the home purchase process by explaining in unfamiliar terms and processes. Even your paperwork can get done more quickly with an agent by your side.

Don’t go it alone. Use a buyer’s agent and get support while you find the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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